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  • boileroomguy boileroomguy Dec 4, 2006 10:14 AM Flag

    If TrueBlue can make it New york it can make anywhere

    Isn t that how it goes?

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    • Actually, Seattle, LA and SF are far more important. What starts West moves West, then fills in, I believe is the real saying.


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      • My local Safeway (located in the Bay Area, California) has only three flavors available- Blueberry, Blueberry Cranberry and Blueberry Pomogranate. They are located on the top shelves right under Welch's and Ocean Spray. I am not so thrilled about the location of the TrueBlue. I rather TrueBlue be located on the middle shelves. People tend to look straight ahead when they buy stuff and dont bother to look up, unless there is a specific brand they are looking for. In addition, TrueBlue is out of eye levels for most kids. I noticed all the Ocean Spray brands are on the middle shelves, along with Caprisuns. I wonder why :). All three flavors available at this Safeway are not deep. You probably have approximately 4-5 bottles of Blueberry Caneberry, 2 Blueberry, and 3-4 Blueberry Pomogranate across. They are not too deep. Approximately 4-6 bottles deep each. The Blueberry is only 2 bottles deep and the rest around 3-5 bottles deep. I am not sure if this is due to the popularity of it or lack of interest. I hope it is because of the popularity. All my friends who have tired TrueBlue love the taste. A couple have been buying it since my introduction. However, at my local Safeway it is kind of costly. Wish it was a little cheaper. But hey if you are trying to make it a premium drink it has to cost alittle more. In any case, I feel it is worth the extra change.

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