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  • boileroomguy boileroomguy Jan 12, 2007 11:05 AM Flag

    Why is this a 50M Company?

    Friends dont tell friends about stocks and I do not think you have any.Your like everyone on this board. you are shorting I bet

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    • One would hope he has the good sense to short this but who knows? I know it's shocking but there are actually people who would look at this company and ask 'where's the beef' (or 'blueberries' if you prefer).


      You got no earnings,

      you got insiders who dumped most of their shares,

      you got at least another quarter of bad news results ahead,

      you got a co with a long history of product failures,

      you got a blowhard CEO who acts like a company cheerleader,

      and a bought and paid for analyst who produces the stock targets their employer demands,

      . . . . . and a stock which is still appreciated by 220%.

      Now maybe the company is worth more than a buck, and I'll concede it surely is, but is it worth more than two bucks? Not by me.

      BTW- Who dat's slipping out the back door? Are the sellers beginning to gradually feed out shares? Better get sage to buy another 1% of the company.

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