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  • waterpologolf2000 waterpologolf2000 Feb 8, 2007 5:01 PM Flag

    The juice sells

    I always find the rants of this message board amusing as well as the often quite coherent and valuable analysis on the stock. I have to agree (in referencing the previous topic) that after reading McRae's letter I did feel like we all should be sat down in the principal's office and talk about our feelings.

    That aside, I wanted to say I finally found True Blue (doubted that I ever would considering I live in Santa Monica, CA) at Von's where there were all the flavors with about half the inventory gone. I bought a bottle ($3.99 on sales from $4.69) and have to say I was surprised. After all the comments I'd read I didn't expect what I got which was a good drink. Similar in price to Pom but cheaper and not as tart. It also used cane sugar which is more expensive than corn syrup but also healthier. With the right marketing this could lead to something big. All they have to do is pair the juice with a big liquor brand and they're golden. The website has some suggestions but that is the best way I see this product advancing into new markets. What's easier to sell: healthy juice at $4.70 or good party mixer? I'll go for the cocktail.

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    • it is great with vodka

    • Would you have bought it if it wasn't on sale?
      I just can't see it selling well nationwide at over $4 a bottle.
      Sure, there are a few affluent area's such as Scottsdale AZ, Costa Mesa Ca., etc. where people will pay the higher price, but your not going to see it in Wal-Mart at that price level.

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      • Yogalad, I would agree with one thing you said: the need to redesign their label. When I brought it home I wasn't sure if I had bought Tang from Smart & Final or just spent $4 on a premium juice. The Company definitely needs to improve the marketing.

        As for the other question posed by Bovman as to whether I would have purchased the juice if it were not on sale. I saved $.60 on an overpriced can of juice. I really think the market TrueBlue and other premium juices/energy/antioxident drinks are catering to are not the crowd who will haggle over paying $4 or $4.60. This juice is sold to a market of individuals who are not swapping their blueberry juice for cranberry juice to save a dollar or two. To be profitable they don't need to sell to 100 million households they need to grow market share in the market they cater to, "premium juices" (we can argue that term all day but you charge $4, you're gonna get the title whether or not it has the right ingredients, label, etc).

        I think people who won't pay $4 for a can of POM are not somehow going to stock up on a dozen if the price is lowered to $3. I believe the same is accurate for TrueBlue. It's either going to find a piece of the market or it isn't. All I can say at this point is is that the product is comparable to it's competition in it's market.

    • I'm always amused that a drink would be considered 'healthful' because it's composed of 75% SUGAR water instead of 75% Corn Syrup Sweetened water.

      Hey it's probably more healthful than drinking battery acid too.

      I can just see the new advertisements - - 'Try TrueBlue! Now only 75% sugar sweetened. Beats drinking DDT hands down!'

      BTW- Check out the Albertson's at Lincoln and Ocean Park. They got your TrueBlue too . . . at only $4.99! Such a deal.

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