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  • boileroomguy boileroomguy Jun 27, 2007 10:45 AM Flag

    Taglich provides coverage update...

    That 5.30$ normal operation but they did add in the buy out factor??????????

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    • You are such a ridiculous pumper, why not just be reasonable in your comments. There is no chance in hell this company is going to get bought out write now with two unproven products in the US market. Shareholders would annihlate a company that bought LBIX right now.

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      • moose

        somtimes I agree with your posts and sometimes I dont in this case I really think your off base.We do not have to have proven products to court a buyer.Leading brands has won awards and scored high in taste tests for more than one of their products.I know this was a post not directed to me but recently Ive thought twice about a buy out.Reason being we dont have the easier distribution channels, plants etc. like some of the big boys and competition is fierce.

        If I was a company that was looking for a few products even just one that could generate growth and a company like leading brands who has the ability to put out decent quality healthy products with a decent portfolio I just might be attracted.

        So while we certainly have a ways to go before True Blue is a household name we do need a little help and a partnership if anything with a player that can help us with our products is not a silly idea.

      • Ko share holders did say a thing about buy energy brands and that will be the worse deal in history. moron

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