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  • hotpanera2 hotpanera2 Nov 25, 2007 2:49 PM Flag

    TrueBlue 16oz in CA 7-11

    At current prices I don't think it will take a major placement and a positive Q3 report to move the stock. If we get evidence as early as the newletter next weekend that 711 and Kroger are both on track re supply and sales are doing well, plus something about convenience stores starting to take the products and we could easily move up 50% or more. If the stock were at 4, I'd agree with you. But being completely washed out back to February '06 levels when I first got involved, it won't likely take all that much.

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    • Panera. I think you are right. As far as 7/11, Genaurdis, Giant, Safeway and Acme there are no distribution problems in th Phila. area. I am starting to believe Management is taking a low key aproach now and let the sales results speak for themselves. I am not looking at my investment in LBIX as a trading stock. But more as an ownership position in a start up Company. Yes a start up! Prior to March of this year we had almost a zero footprint in the United States. Now are branded products are being sold in the largest chains coast to coast. Tom

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