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  • bovman bovman Mar 20, 2008 10:35 PM Flag

    I've seen this pattern before.

    Plenty of good news but the stock price continues to slide downward.
    Someone is pressing the price downward prior to the company announcing its going private.
    Don't worry longs. we'll get a warm letter from management thanking us for funding the development of their business plan.

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    • LOL...I would settle for two at this point.

    • I've had this happen to me twice in the past three years. We just settled out of court in one of the cases.

      Believe me. I hope I'm wrong, but all of the same warning signs are here.

    • Hey bovman... if what you keep suggesting were to occur, I for one would file a law$uit ... the i$$ue of transparency & specific actions by the LBIX CEO & its Board over the past 2 years would be the basis for the suit...

      HOWever, I doubt that any such "GOing Private" $trategy is in the works... keep the faith, which I agree has been tested many, Many, MANY times over the past 2 years... the current Busine$$ Plan may just be working... at least it appears to be hitting on several cyclinders here in Florida !!!!!

      Speaking of that, Winn Dixie on Marco Island is red hot... TrueBlue & LiteBlue continue to $ell out ... I just bought the last 6 bottles on the shelves - 2 blueberry-acai, 2 blueberry-pomegrante & 2 blueberry-blackberry ... there were NO LiteBlue as the store personnel say that it $ell$ as soon as they place it on the shelves !!!!


    • Jill,
      I wish i was short, the truth is I'm long 25,000 shares and sucking the pipe on every one of them.

      The investment group that bought in at $3 last year has seen their investment lose 2/3rd's of its value in this stock. LBIX's share price can be moved with as little as 5000 shares traded, most investment groups would place trades to assure that the price didn't fall below their entry point, you sure haven't seen that here and there's a reason behind it.

    • Bovman, between you and Bullwinkle you come out with the worst senarios.

      Could it be you are short and want to make the most out of your position? Maybe.

      What I think is that if they were going to take this private they would have made a move after HANS bailed.
      Ralph is just starting to put a new stategy in place with one great product and a few newer
      products. You say this is now going private.

      Stocks are in the toilet right now from all sectors due to banking and energy issues.
      Everything is depressed.
      Actually I am coming out to say this is a time to load up and wait.

      I've seen this pattern before too. All too many times and six months later regretting I didn't
      buy when I had the chance.


    • Oh yeah, it's worth $20 a share. thats why it set a new 52 week low last week and closed yesterday @ $1.10

    • what would happen to share holders if lbix goes private???

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