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  • marthambles marthambles Feb 3, 2006 1:15 PM Flag

    Merrill Lynch Conference

    I plan on going to the conference next week, at least on tuesday. I assume there will be a break-out session after Wick's presentation. If anyone has an interesting question that would be appropriate to ask, I will attempt to do so.

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    • you wrote:

      ""There is no vascularity problem .. even mAb like Avastin can reach tumor core. There was a paper which reported that Telcyta inhibited the activity of DNA dependent protein kinase (DNA-PKcs) which is involved in some aspects of HR. ""

      RE. the vascularity, that is not what the experts say. The blood vessels leading to the tumor are what Avastin attacks, not the inner core of the tumor.

      You are right about the inhibition of DNA-PK by telcyta.

    • Thanks for your offer - I will be in a board meeting in Stockholm and can't attend.

      I know it is a well hashed issue but the issue of partnering still has legs.

      The question(s): Have they been approached on a partnering relationship? If so, can you characterize the nature of the discussions and how many companies are involved?

      If you work the timeline backwards - they should be in a mating dance with in the next couple of months in order to work through supply, distribution and training - not to mention all the T&Cs of the dance - which can take months.

      While the question may seem premature to some - the answer can be a harbinger of the state of the trials - or atleast the perception of how they are going.

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      • I achieved my end - exposed muttrox's hypocrisy (ie violating "netiquette" by using foul and abusive language) while proving netiquitte does exist - believing you would respond as you did - otherwise I would have used another id to ask the question at a different time.

        The question is very germaine to my interests - while I applaud the science - I am an investor first and foremost. A partnership with a marquee house adds believability to the story. I find it hard to believe they can go it alone - and do so will be draining.

        To enter into a partnership (beyond the superficial)- they need something of value to justify the relationship. Beyond all the speculation about % efficacy, trial timing, and outcomes etc, etc - a partnership appears a far more tangible indicator of viability.

      • Lookingforupside

        I've heard the partnership question raised many times and the answer is always the same. I am confident such an inquiry would yield no useful information.

        Besides, I find your language offensive.


    • If you can, ask about the 3 analyses for ASSIST-1 that Kavanagh mentioned at the chemotherapy symposium.