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  • bhodhe3boy bhodhe3boy Jan 13, 2013 1:33 AM Flag

    drug will work and have exclusive rights-ridiculously overlooked

    telik has sister drugs in latter stage trials that have high anticancer efficacy in the trials. This recent announcement by the fda assures exclusivity and the phase 2-3 status pretty much assures high safety. both drugs Telintra and Canfosfamide take advantage of the vulnerability of cancer cells change in metabolism in malignant transformation to deliver the drug and the cytotoxic effects more targeted via the glutithiione pathway and has a dual action. Canfosfamide can be thought of as a 2nd generation cyclophosphamide being delivered as a prodrug-thus less toxicity and higher dosing for more cell death in cancer cells-science solid-financing precarious-Shire wants ophan drugs now-this is a big drug canfoshamide and ezatiostat(telintra) the launching pad for a one two punch-I researched as an md with my late professor father in this very area of glutathione metabolism and he said this would be big in cancer. I need to hold em and not fold em just because the stock went from 2 to 3-This is a $15- 25 stock with dilution at least $10-15 if it ever gets there-a $5 buyout robs you of the potential for this one. I am upping my postion on any pullback-This stock represents a future significant advance in the treatment of not only myelodysplastic syndrome but any cancer cell high in glutathione transferase or any cancer that can be manipulated in other ways to show an enhanced glutathione pathway.Dr.Campbell

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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