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  • skyhigh_x skyhigh_x Jan 28, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    Going higher soon enough shorts posting nonsense

    TELINTRA and TELCYTA and the other candidates in our pipeline, were discovered using our proprietary technology, TRAP®, which enables the rapid and efficient discovery of small molecule drug candidates.

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    • Sky: I am not a short, I'm a NON investor in this stock. I left and cashed out all my holdings and ESPP many years ago at just under $28.00 I don't need their phone number as that used to be my number, so I already know it. Telik has a history of lying to investors and FDA and had to pay $5mil to make it go away. They actually had a screening of a film on Telcyta (286) for employees only at their Porter address which was, shall we say kindly, fictionalized. Your knowledge of Telik is purely from them...and they have a really poor history of factual disclosure. If you want to praise TRAP, let me refer you directly to Dr. Kauvar at Trellis, or the dedicated folks who maintained the TRAP database, who work elsewhere now. If you want referrals to them, I can direct you.
      Telcyta killed people in trials. Telintra has not really been evaluated, except by Telik wordsmiths. Sure, there is money to be made here short term, but, you are not informed enough to risk your family funds.