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  • wildcatting_4fun wildcatting_4fun Apr 22, 2008 3:29 PM Flag

    Neysayers only try to talk it down SO THEY CAN BUY CHEAPER

    Why would someone spend so much time and energy talking down a stock that they can not short? Because they are TRYING TO ACCUMULATE your shares at a cheaper price before they run the price back up. Watch him get real silent on his run back up or just barely comment as he tries to get stock to oscillate.

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    • LOL !!!!

      Yea, this stock is a screaming buy right now. That is why the insiders are buying so many shares. LOL

      As far as I can tell, not one single insider has EVER bought shares with their own money. If someone has information to the contrary I would like to see it.

      But the longs on this board are so much smarter than the management of this company. The pumping longs on this board know so much more than the management of the company does.

      This is a ponzie scheme, plain and simple. Their game is pretty tansparent at this time. I am actually going to buy some share to take advantage of it.

    • When has this stock not been risky?

      That's the reason we bought in, and taking the odds.
      Contrary to analysts' SELL ratings:
      Buy 1
      Hold 3
      Sell 3
      Strong Sell 4
      Only one analyst says "Buy" vs. seven analysts say "Sell, or strong sell"

      And this management team can't run the company,
      because they spun out of DSC/Alcatel back in 1998,
      and have always burned cash like a giant corporation.
      This mgmt team isn't the brightest, and only know the long and slow telecom ways.

      But it's all priced in to this .76c stock.
      Bad news being out for this quarter already
      should mean only upside in the short term,
      until we get further news on the many pending deals.

      If you're looking for a solid "blue-chip" with a proven mgmt team, you're in the wrong place.

    • ishkibabble: You have become a very bitter person over your investment in this company. For you to have become this bitter, you must have lost a lot of your investment. I feel your pain every time I read one of your posts.
      I have a great deal invested here too... but I haven't lost it yet. And if I do lose it, I will have learned a valuable lesson and that is to invest in stocks that have less risk. Whatever happens here, it will never make me bitter. Life is too short for that.

      I've been more frustrated with how long it has taken the govts. to allocate spectrum, for operators to test equipment, for the WiMAX Forum to certify products, for Intel to get their chips into laptops, for Sprint to get their act together, etc. If all these entities would move quicker, Airspan would be in great shape.

      What major problems are there at this company?
      They had a bad 4th and 1st quarter after their legacy business dropped off the face of the earth because everyone is waiting on WiMAX. This isn't their fault. How many analog TVs are you going to sell when digital is the only thing people want to buy?

      I think that the biggest issue I have with the company's management is that they do not know how to communicate well. They don't know how to communicate well in PRs, on their website, in marketing, to investors, etc. When one fails to communicate, people think something is being hidden, then conspiracy is born.

      For the record, they aren't issuing 9.5 million new shares. They are issuing 4.5 million for compensation purposes. These shares will remain the company treasury.

      There are a few theories going on why the stock price is so low. Theory #1: Management not doing a good job of running the company, diluting shares, excessive compensation. Theory #2: World was not buying WiMAX in large enough quantities for companies like Airspan to make money. Theory #3: Management does not communicate enough on purpose so that that they can get shares cheap before the run-up. Theory #4: Management are puppets to get the stock PPS low so the company can be taken privately (your theory).

      If I had to pick which theory, I would say it would be a mix between theory #1, #2, and #3.
      I'm not concerned about theory #4 as long as people like you exist.

    • Yes. I post from home and my office and sometimes the field. How can you commemnt on me? Did you read your last paragraph or do you talk out of your mouth and #$%$ at the same time. I do believe in WiMax. I don't believe in the running of this company from the BOD on down and the pps and discontent even by you Pollyanna's support that. BOD should have replaced the executives years ago. There are MAJOR problems with this company and the BOD continues to allow it to carreen into telephone pole after telephone pole and REWARDS it with outrageous salaries,bonuses and perks. How stupid are you? At this point I'm pretty sure the only way this company is gonna survive is: after the dilution someone is gonna come in and buy the delisted-running out of money- with vague prospects- for UNDER A DOLLAR A SHARE and "save" the company and take it private. They will toss the current "management" (hah!) with multi-million dollar golden parachutes. Common shareholders will get about what todays close is. In a year the new owners will re-issue shares @ $21.00/per, becoming Billionaires. YOU and me? Pffft. THAT'S MY OPINION! Time will tell.In the meantime you may want to buy some of the new 9.5 MILLION share about to be floated and average down to ease your loss....

    • tdcomm: I'd say that there are only 2 or 3 people here at most, that bash the company. We already know lavistat and ishy are the one-in-the same. I'm disappointed by that because I have to believe he is an investor, but as one person pointed out... if he's an investor, why is he trying to make his stock go down more? Also, deucie and ibarfatu seems one in the same. Deucie no doubts has several. There are probably several other aliases out there. They bash because they are fearful of Airspan to their investment. They also spend a great deal of time bashing. It's easy to find the aliases. They only post on this board.
      We need an official "ignore list" to follow.

      I am 100% behind the people of this company. I want them to succeed. Although, I sometimes get very annoyed with management. Why don't they guide for $2M less if they think they can possibly be off? Why not give people a better indication of how signifant the UQ Communications/KDDI win is to Airspan? Why not write detailed PRs (although this last one was pretty decent)? Why ask for 4.5 million of compensation shares when you are looking at getting a delisting warning? This does not make sense to me. The best analogy I can give is that this boat looks like it is taking on water, but the die-hard investors are counting that they can find land before she sinks... But that land will have great rewards.

    • I own the stock. I believe in the company's prospects and products and the future of wimax.

      Also, because I have made money on Airspan. I buy when the stock drops, and sold when it popped.

      Today, I see longer prospects and certainly risk.

      But I don't slander and lie about the people at Airspan. That's a baby's game.

      So YOU are here for what...?


    • I think you give this resident band of morons FAR too much credit. Ibarf and crew do not exactly spread fear into the hearts of potential investors.

      Let's see, I'm thinking about buying some AIRN. Oops, some obviously higher intellect named ibarfatyoujokes is saying bad things about the company. Whew, I guess I won't buy after all. Thank god for ibarf - he (she) (it) saved me a lot of money - NOT.

    • lavistat Apr 22, 2008 4:06 PM Flag

      Recent history shows this stock gets 'run down' and STAYS THERE.