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  • madchris99 madchris99 Aug 16, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

    decided to go LONG !!!!!!

    well after weeks apon thinking, ive come to the conculsion that to get any decent money out of the stock yourll have to wait 4-6 months, the stock at this present moment isnt doing any big significant bounces. management isnt doing in my opinion there hardest to get things going ahead but instead going at a slow steady pace which truly fustrates me. so imm giving this stock 6months to get its act together. i would like to hear other peoples opinions

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    • I have already given it 18 months.
      another 18 is OK.

    • If 6 months is your time limit to see a return, take your profit on an up day and move on. Until a sell of proven assets or of the entire company there will be no real pps increase. Good luck.

    • I think that you should wait for 3-4 months to see what happens. At that point at least half of your time is gone and you will be closer to the "move". In the meantime you can invest your funds in a ninety day CD. That should yield you at least $50 more on a $10,000 investment.
      However if you bought 4000 shares at $2.4 and it went up a penney that is $40. This is a $10 decision, it is a tough one, I'm not sure what I would do.

    • You are right about management.

      They are NOT doing the job for shareholders. I think they are more interested in their own (self) dealings as well as those of directors and cronies.

      PZG has been a stinker since early 2011.

      Corrupti sold out June 2011 at the high $3.60. Do you think he knew something about how the future unfolds?

      Not fun being a bagholder in this stinking stock.

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      • Don't say the CEO sold out. What's the point in fabricating a story like that. He sold a small portion of his position at that time. Nothing wrong with his taking some profits. He still owns near 4 million shares of PZG.

        The real money we all know is to be made from San Miguel. Just sit tight and wait for the BIG payoff, which will come in time or, sell your position and move on if you're too impatient to wait.

        I as well as many others are here for PAY DAY!!


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