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  • venerability2 venerability2 Aug 23, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

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    • What up!

      • 1 Reply to amobear30
      • If we are back to a childish and malicious Bird Game environment, it helps NO ONE - especially YOU.

        Yahoo is treading on very thin ice legally to begin with. Make things worse, because Idiot Cramer and CNBC are launching yet another Fantasy Finance contest - where 9th graders mix with Baby Daytrader Shorts - and you compound a jokey-ness which pretty much the entire world already despises.

        I have done an extremely good job against almost insurmountable odds the past couple of years.

        A whole lot of people are watching our Faux Battles closely - and 99 percent of them are on MY side.

        Closing one or two Yahoo boards to humans - No, not this one, it would be too silly - because some favored MM Shorts feel trapped is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

        And Mensa Steven Jon Kaptain - excuse me, Kaplan - making threats to post my obituary all over the Internet is literally the EPITOME of how psychopathological your efforts have become.

        Psychopaths should not be welcomed in these markets anywhere in the world.

        If psychopath traders have securities licenses, they should be taken away.

        If psychopath traders make overt and deliberate threats against fellow market participants, they should be ARRESTED, no matter whose prop desk - or TV channel - they work for.

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