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  • goldisheavymoney goldisheavymoney Oct 24, 2012 6:51 AM Flag

    just stop to think....

    i wonder how many of you would of took that bet a year ago. And now look at the share price. IF PZG cant pop $3 with the last good news left (PEA) than there's nothing left but a buyout and more DILUTION. with all the good news thisyear PZG HAS NOT popped above $3.
    and the PEA is just restated news we already know.
    a $3.50 buyout is looking good right now, why else do you think CHRIS sold shares at that PRICE last year

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What a weasel! You threw down a bet and now you back away from answering my challenge like a bad politician. If you have so much conviction, take the bet.

      Again, the bet is if PZG does not go over $4.00 per share by 10-23-13 then I will send you $100.00 via paypal. Conversely, if PZG closes over $4.00 per share before 10-23-13, then you send me $100.00 via paypal.

      Answer the question that you proposed. Do you take the bet or not?

      Side note - Sleeper was always designed for a sale or JV to take away the need for dilution. On a sale, Sleeper will put $200-400MM in the bank for PZG. But right now, PZG has enough cash for 14 months of operation. This is an end stage exploration company. The time is coming.

      GoldIsHeavy --- do you take the bet or not? Want to make it $200.00?

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