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  • lcoecubsfan lcoecubsfan Aug 2, 2011 4:28 PM Flag

    LEAP Management Weaker than PCS

    LEAP has some of the worst management in the industry. LEAPS overhead and spending is out of control. Lots of fat and lots of wasted money. If PCS got hit this hard today just with market softness, LEAP will end up worse. LEAP spends about 5X more than PCS to earn each revenue dollar. LEAP management, spending and execution is a disaster. PCS shines in those areas and still got slammed... LEAP will be back at $5 share by month end.

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    • I agree with everything you are saying...except for the fact that LEAP has never fallen to $5 before so I'm not sure why you're saying it'll be "back" at that price. Pretty sure the the all time low for this stock is $9.51...and the stock is not too far from that price now. So I guess what you are suggesting is that it's going to hit a new all time low this month. I'm being cautious and saying it will retest the 9s by the end of this week.

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      • It seems like PCS took the #1 spot for weak management for the time being, I remember buying PCS in the 7s because they were making strong cash flow. Bought back in today, but I already regret. now they are spending money too fast. As for LEAP keep in mind, the poison pill is removed recently. Leap is an open target for takeover. It may test the 9s or if LEAP has better results than expected or in-line results they might want to report before the close rather than after. Hopefully LEAP has made wise decisions on cash exp.

        If Europe keeps sliding, the credit markets are frozen and the FED will have to bailout everybody again. Could be 2008 all over again.