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  • drhollars drhollars Aug 6, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    No income since 2007? Oh my God


    an u are long

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    • and you are short? nice. Keep your analysis coming. PCS could and should clean out LEAP and fold their $2.5BN+ NOLs into their EPS+ company and have a huge gap up. Then sell out to Sprint, Dish, Directv for a major number. But keep shorting. How do the bonds trade smart guy? This company is in no way in distress.

      Should be minimum 5x $780MM EBITDA = $3.9BN less net debt of $2.6BN (includes Verizon swap) = $1.3BN / 80MM shares = $15-$17 stock. Grossly undervalued here. PCS can pay much more than that and make it accretive due to the NOLs.