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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Nov 10, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    LEAP Value analogy: If you were buying an old car at auction and while previewing it you noticed a LARGE diamond ring lodged under the dash,wold he cars value increase to YOU.. Of course.. NOW.. Think SPECTRUM!

    Spectrum is now appreciating very rapidly.. The pickings are slim and LEAP's suggested value of $3 BILLION is likely very conservative.. There are several reasons for this but I wont go into that. Just know,, LEAP's market cap at just over $500million ( from manipulation I might suggest) is low,REAL low.. You dont need a degree in Engineering or be a rocket scientist to see or figure this out..

    FACTS! Stick to them. LEAP valuation has been systematically driven down,, with only 80million shares it has been relativly easy for some deep pocketto do this. but WAIT!! Remember now.. SHORT SQUEEZE!! LEAP is coming on the radar now with SPECTRUM being very limited!!

    LEAP will be bought for at a minimum $15... IMHO.. do the math.. 80 million shares.. no-brainer..
    Buy and Hold..

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You have been right on Leap more than Bernsteins and Nomura.
      Management made it clear Leap has value in Spectrums.
      Leap will be one of the only low cost prepaid vendors left since PCS will be bought out.

      Can you please elborate, how will the below affect Leap next week or going forward?

      Termination of a Material Definitive Agreement.
      On November 9, 2012, Cricket Communications, Inc. The total cash payment for the redemption was $324.5 million.