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  • numberknows numberknows Dec 2, 2004 1:58 PM Flag


    If you examine the stock price line for this stock you will see that it looks like a saw blade. The reason for this is that whenever there is a buy order it is immediately countered with a sell order of about the same magnitude. This, of course, begs the question, could this possibly be the result of random buying and selling activity by seller and buyers who are unknown to each other? The answer is, of course, no. When a stock is being manipulated the way this one is, the market makers sawtooth the priceline. They can't avoid doing it because its the only way for them to make the disonest money.

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    • Yes, I've heard of profit taking. I suppose the term "profit taking" is large enough to contain the concept of a pump and dump also because a pump and dump is a form of profit taking. The question that matters most is the behavior of the stock reasonable for the circumstances. The answer with GIVN is no.

    • The only person who would be sorry about the exposure of a fraud is a perpetrator. You can ignore anything you like, but putting your head into the sand won't change a thing. I won't miss you either.

    • I'm putting you on ignore. Sorry you don't have anything better to do.

    • stop your whining're the only one pumping down. this stock will either go way up if sales increase dramatically, in which case this is cheap or go down if sales are disappointing.the technology is real and the only thing left is to see if there is a market in the billions as the ceo said.

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      • Ah! there's nothing quite so refreshing as an insult filled nonsense response from another good buddy from the den of thieves. This stock should be going up right now. It should not be going down. The news is good and this hasn't changed. The stock market is up and this hasn't changed. The only thing that is acting contrary to nature is that this stock is going down and has continued to go down from the day it was pumped. Now ordinarily an event like this where something defies natural force would be considered a miracle. But since this is obivously a stock going down when it should be going up is not to be rightly classified as a miracle and must be something else. I have chosen to call it a classic pump and dump. So far no one has contradicted me other than to call me names. My thinking is that it an act of man that is orchestrated and which benefits the persons who are so emotionally involved with the sitatuation that the only response they find appropriate is to insult me for having exposed them to the truth.