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  • loof22loof loof22loof May 22, 2006 4:25 PM Flag

    It is still not too late to

    sell!!! Yes. I know it hurts, but you should blame yourself only. It was so obvious but nice people like THELEPHONIC and others still posting optimistic messages (with BUY sentiment) that have no ground. I know it is very hard to sell after losses but one of the main KEYS in smart investment called STOP LOSSES! Think about it, since GIVN unfortunately will not stop before it has reached 15$ max.

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    • Wed: Given Imaging�s timeout
      The capsule endoscopy company�s days of rapid growth are over, at least for now.

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      • This is a brilliant article. The problem is that it came quite late while it was obvious from the very beginning that Mr. Gabi Meiron is not the right person to lead the company. However, all big early investor (IDB Inv. Elron and others) were blind to realize it, since Mr. Meiron was the main factor in the long process of establishing GIVN and bringing it to market cap of 1.1 B$. That was the point where he should have returned the keys. The problem with Mr. Meiron is that he never learns from his own mistakes in the past, and keeps repeating the same method that previously failed. GIVN is now stuck with huge sales manpower (marketing & sales cost fortune), and with huge inventory that will soon be in the rubbish. GIVN did not prepare for the forthcoming competition, did not get real hold of any market (not even in the USA where Olympus will kick it out in 2-3 years) The question now is whether the management exchange came too late? if yes, than GIVN is doomed to fade away slowly and painfully collecting huge debts. If new CEO came in before the 'too late' point, it will then take few years to recover, not before having to go through long and painful process.