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  • loof22loof loof22loof May 23, 2006 11:02 AM Flag

    GIVN's problem is not the product

    With all its limitation (as described by stockemover in additional to the fact that its biggest disturbance is the fact that piles of slides is accumulated that brings lots of headaches to doctors). The problem is that GIVN simply missed its opportunity big time. A company has once in a life time the opportunity GIVN had when introduced in market. It is not for nothing that it has reached a peak of 1.1 B$ market cap in a short time while sales where almost zero. Expectations were in the sky. Reality as presented by GIVN since then brought all expectations and hopes down the drain, along with its value.

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    • Great Coverage and information on Globe story that probably explains free fall on May22.The invention of Capsule is great--but it must overcome the problems/limitations cited by many as it moves from University/research groups buyers to mainstream users.Low utilization rate in first quarter,2006 is an important red flag.The product needs improvement as every new product ever introduced does.Hope Given's management reads these concerns to improve its product.Do you think Olympus reads this message board with good ideas offered in the last two days?

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      • I'm sure someone at Olympus (although not very high up i'm sure) reads message boards, to what benefit I'm not sure.

        While GIVN had a monster lead over the big guns to make market penetration and solidify market share, they essentially blew it IMO.

        We have been hearing about this pill cam for years, yet who has actually seen much for marketing anywhere? Slow to expand sales numbers and increasing competition is going to be a massive hurdle for GIVN to overcome.

        The question is... If GIVN can't get growth and profits with J&J partering and NO competition, how can they do it with Olympus pushing in? Lets not forget Olympus is all but sure to give away the machines to gain marketshare and this is a big part of GIVN's margins.

        Pill sales will expand, but overall margins are going to get squeezed to negate any end gain.

        If YOU were looking to go into the pill cam business, who would YOU choose? Zero start up costs with a company like Olympus, or be out tens of thousands to go with GIVN? who is likely to provide better support for the customer?

        It is going to be very interesting the next few quarters. If GIVN doesn't blow us away by '07, I don't see how the lofty expectations will ever materialize.

      • Olympus outflanked the idea of colon CE very brilliantly. They came out with family of new scopes ( just before the DDW.
        These scopes equipped with High Definition TV (HDTV) CCD like 1600x1000 pixels, lens of 170 degrees (in comparison to 120-140 degrees in the conventional and CE devices)
        But the most important item is the 4 light sources (florescent, visual, IR and narrow band) that feature IMO, detection of even early cancers by (I guess) using some colorized materials.