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  • jmichaeljaffe jmichaeljaffe May 25, 2006 2:44 AM Flag

    Doom and Gloom

    SELL??!! Please do! I'll gladly buy your shares. Boeing tried to sue Given and gave up in early 2004 because the claim had NO MERIT. Olympus buys the rights to the "High Frequency, Low Power Light Source for Video Camera" patent a year and a half later and now they want to prosecute. Folks, this is an opening salvo in the real fight that's coming a year from now when Olympus enters the market. It's a cheap shot to spook potential customers, nothing more. It's also a predictable tactic to mitigate Given's claims against Olympus on patent infringement. Given's David has a solid claim while Olympus's Goliath is hot air. And Given has alot more in its arsenal than a rock.

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    • Hi again--since you wrote your note at 2.00AM--you must be from Israel.Michael Factor wrote to me that in Israel--Israel Patent office ruled that if an independent claim is rejected,then its dependent claims are rejected.(if you give me your E mail--I can send you exact words of Dr.Michael Factor,an Israel patent attorney).Dr.Factor thinks it is a WRONG ruling-and he does not know how it applies to Given USpatent5604531-where Claims 1,2,3 and 11 were rejected--as other claims refer to claim 1 or 11.MY question--1) Have you heard about Israel's patent dept.ruling?2)What if Court rules the same in US,then what happens to Given's basic patent position?3)What are the chances of Court ruling like Israel patent dept.?4)What are the chances that court rules that Given has infringed on Boeing's patent?

    • Hi--You seem to know the background of Boeing patent.How much did they get from Olympus?If it is a so so patent,then Olympus could not have paid more than 100,000$.Now think--The lawyers fees/court time for experts testimony --all these expenses will be over 200,000$ and the loss of market value since May 22nd morning is worth over 30 mil.$ and then your thought on customer confusion---Do you think Given was smart in rejecting it outright.It seems to me like Blackberry CEO position vs.NPT (patent assignee for dead inventor).Very often,CEO's do not look at the option of Lawsuits costs.There is NOT INVENTED HERE mentality in Given and we have it all covered in their press releases.Boeing's patent attorney's were not dumb.They got something out of soon to expire patent.
      Waiting for your response on how much was paid by Olympus.

    • Your guys are unbelievable. DON'T BE SO ADDICTED TO YOUR STOCK NOR TO THE MARKET! When GIVN released earnings I have posted (please check it out) that it is going to 15$. Every passing day you can buy it cheaper than the previous day. Results are not FLEXIBLE! Don't try to bend them according to your hopes, or other wise you are doomed to lose your money. David and Goliath don't belong here. Let's face it. 99% of the people investing in shares are LOSING money. Don't be one of them!