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  • TELEPHONICS TELEPHONICS Jun 13, 2006 5:25 AM Flag

    News Release

    Updated Consensus Guidelines for Capsule Endoscopy Established at International Conference in Paris (PR Newswire)

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    • Hi Telephonics--Please explain the following:
      1)None of the analyst(big ones from Needham,CIBC etl.) have buy ratings?How come?Is GIVN unable to convince them about EPS/Patent rulings/Olympus/Future Profitability?
      2)At DDW 2006,I looked at a few papers presented by Japanese,German and American doctors which reviewed Olympus EndoCapsule.Their comments were very complimentary.Do you think GIVN Public Relations can get the stock up by one sided stories?Today's PR about FDA approval is a big achievement for GIVN--How come stock did not go up --at least for couple of hours on 6/13/06?
      3)Did GIVN expect Olympus lawsuit?If not,was USPTO rulings not an indication that Olympus is about to gain exclusivity in patents to be able to force GIVN to compromise in expensive court fight?
      4)Don't you realize that Olympus in 2004 issued a writeup about their efforts in Capsule Endoscopy?Were'nt you concerned that Olympus could develop a better product than GIVN?
      5) Have you figured out the reasons for delays in GIVN Pill acceptance
      6)With the answers to the first 5 questions-Don't you realize that Homi Shamir needs fresh thinking about advice on patents/ new products with CCD vs.CMOS?This is how RCA lost to Sony.
      PLEASE TELL HOMI SHAMIR that 6/14/06 Needham Conference talk should be credible or he is better of spending next 3/6 months on FIXING GIVN and less talking .If FIXING GIVN problems is good, then Stock will go up without all that PR wires and talks.Next 6 months are CRITICAL as OLYMPUS is going to launch several surprises.
      Telephonics--please pass this message to Homi.