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  • loof22loof loof22loof Jun 19, 2006 12:09 PM Flag

    My message posted on 05/09/06

    It was so obvious
    by: loof22loof 05/09/06 02:58 am
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    I'm not an expert in the stock market, but I can add 1 to 1. GIVN is so far a complete disaster. A company with great product, acting as a sole manufacturer in the market for the last 5 years, were given a huge credit by the market which brought its value to over 1B $ when sales just started. And now what? hardly 80m average annual sales with losses when Olympus making its first step into the market? See my previous posts. GIVN is highly overpriced. It is worth no more than $15-16 and it will definitely reach this price. I'm waiting!

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    • Hi folks,
      No point wasting time on GIVN.FOUND something more interesting--I usually follow ten stocks.My rule is if I find one better, then drop the one unlikely to do well for 1 to 3 months.I am dropping GIVN from my RADAR SCREEN.
      I have found another good stock recommended on CNBC today--SEE ITS MESSAGE BOARD and ANALYSTS recommendations.
      I plotted GIVN and LIFC price chart for last 5 years.SEE THAT CHART YOURSELF.
      GIVN heads SOUTH while LIFC heads NORTH.They were together for first three years and then parted company.
      SO GOOD BYE FOLKS .I will check from time to time to see who lost or who made money.Hope you all make money.THANKS DARBYRED--take a look at LIFE CELL(LIFC). I will not reply/respond.However,if you decide to follow LIFC,then send message for LIFC and I will read them daily.
      I wish GIVN turns around.

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      • Thanks High24low,
        I made the decision you made about Given almost a month ago. Should have made it sooner, but the technology and hype by management had me mesmerized. Given's best hope is JNJ will make a "play" at the end of the year. IMHO

        OT: I shall follow LIFC for a while. Although I seldom post, suggest you may wish to monitor SPNC.


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