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  • magiltagilpagil magiltagilpagil Nov 8, 2007 10:51 AM Flag

    good or bad news

    on one hand, this can't be good. losing a lot of credibility and revenue by detaching from jnj.

    but given is making it sound as if they wanted this, so they can begin to market this on their own. i can't imagine why a small company like given would try marketing on their own, if they have backing from jnj. i am not long or short. and i will not buy until i see some results from this disassociation.

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    • I remember a small company called Closure Medical years ago that had an exclusive deal with JNJ, and it hurt the growth of Closure Medical a lot. Closure Medical could not grow unless JNJ sales guys pushed it. Closure Medical was eventually bought for small money. I imagine JNJ wanted some kind of exclusive deal with GIVN for the Pillcam, and GIVN refused such a bad deal. That is my take on what probably happened. If it was an exclusive, GIVN was smart to get away from JNJ.

    • The stock will go down in the coming months.
      The p/e of givn is insane and with these business problems the stock can easily decline 50-70% in a few months time.

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      • It is very clear - the idea of Eso Pill was failed, Docs and patients do not love it and prefer the 2 minutes simple procedure by Gastroscope acompanied by slight sedataion.
        I am convinced that J&J got to this conclusion.
        Another speculation is that Givn might be bought and they didn't want a a "tail".
        However Olympus case will certainly comes to an end sooner and it is clearly more important to investors.