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  • maxschmit777 maxschmit777 Aug 8, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    Now we know

    The huge sell-off and continuing downturn for GIVN should have been a big RED FLAG. The numbers were disappointing, and even worse, plans to submit the PillCam to the FDA, which is what brought most of us to GIVN in the first place, are very tentative:

    "The Company plans to submit this product for FDA clearance in the fourth quarter of this year, following a meeting it plans to have with the FDA in the near future. Feedback from FDA may impact our planned submission."

    That last line is another big red flag. If the feedback isn't good, how much longer will we have to wait until GIVN finally submits the product?

    Looks like this could be dead money for a long time, but patience (a LOT of it) could pay off in the end. Are any longs still out there?

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