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  • mtdsus mtdsus Aug 14, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    Colon Capsule will eventually come close to Gold Standard Colonoscopy

    Colon Capsule 2 is a good first step-for Visualization--limited to a certain group. But more work is being done by others incl.Given to develop a better Colon Capsule with better technology (3D viewing and longer battery life).
    Check-cap and Capso Vision have a better capsule,but they too will not be perfect to replace Colonoscopy as we know it for some times.
    Do you know--Colonoscopy has improved dramatically since its original version with better viewing and better training of the Gastroenterologists.
    Yes-it won't happen in 2013--but it will happen by 2017.
    Look at Apple--RIMM(blackberry),Nokia all left behind.

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