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  • thegunnerab thegunnerab Jan 14, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    The Deal is facing hurdles...

    As I posted last week:

    Based on a Globes article from today:

    The "examination of strategic options to create value for shareholders," including the possibility of sale, and has been quiet and there is no update on the deal.
    Estimates are that the parties are unable to agree on a price: the controlling shareholder in diversity , group IDB 's Dankner , still dreaming of the value of a billion dollar company, and the potential buyers willing to pay rates by 25% (still reflect a handsome premium Approximately 32% of the market price).

    One potential buyers mentioned is called Fuji Japan, according to the estimates was (and maybe still) talks with diversity, although the Japanese company spokesman denied the reports about immediately after publication. Diversity, for its part, does not respond to news on the subject.
    Given Imaging developed a diagnostic camera pill digestive system, also traded on the NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a value of $ 570 million. At its peak, in 2004, the company traded at a value of $ 1B.

    The Gunner

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    • Continued:

      subsidiary Elron. Need liquidity Dankner's group brings creative attempts to avoid debt settlement (including the sale of Clal Insurance from IDB open reactor, a proposal delay debt payments), as well as simultaneously examined more traditional ways of realization of assets - and this background is diversification for sale.
      In the past, by the way, speaking about Dankner see a diversity that may reach sales of billion, compared with sales of 185-190 million expected this year, compared with sales target for 2016 stands at 450 million.
      Is the reason that so far no deal has been reached is that urgency to sell the diminished diversity? This evaluation suggests Steven Tepper, an analyst pharmaceutical and biomed of Harel Finance. According to Tepper, diversity can be more optimistic today about the chances to receive marketing approval for their next generation product, Colon 2 diagnosing colon, the U.S. and Japan. In this case, he believes society believe they can get better value in a few months.
      Pill of diversity diagnosing small bowel handsome volumes sold, but the company's growth potential in this market is not great. Great potential test market reaches the large intestine, where diversity is currently doing the first steps. Pill marketing approvals, if and when adopted, will develop additional diversification potential market of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars and hundreds of millions of dollars in Japan.
      Reduced market potential
      Last summer was the pill - Colon second focus of investors' disappointment; diversity, pill clinical trial conducted in the U.S., not yet released the results of the experiment, but decided on the basis of those results did not submit the tablet market screening the general population , but only as a test secondary. thus reduced the market potential of the pill in the U.S. $ 4 billion to $ 1.7 billion.
      Since two positive events occurred related to the pill: First, further clinical trial conducted as part of the approval in Japan showed good results, and the Company filed a motion for the Japanese authorities. Given estimates given permission to market the pill in Japan within a year, and will start selling it in the second half of 2014, after the well received indemnity insurance product (reimbursement).
      Secondly, diversifying reported positive conversations conducted with the FDA (Food and Drug Authority of USA), following which filed formal approval pill. Thus, dissipated the fears that arose when diversity has announced the reduction of the potential market - whereby you may need to perform additional clinical trial , and you can not submit the application for approval earlier. pill filed for marketing approval route called de novo direct and estimated diversity that speed up the approval process in several months.

      The Gunner

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