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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 Jan 22, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Sudden interest?

    I think there is a lot of buzz around the company, since they actually have a pretty good business plan. They have very low overhead, and growing revenue, and they are trying to expand their business.
    I have been holding since the 3's, but have averaged down a little, I DO think that it will increase in pps going forward, especially when numbers for Q4 come out. There are a lot of guys that bought down at these levels and are holding.
    (if you look on the IHub message board, they have a running total of shares owned by posters and its something like 30-40% of the float, so there isn't a lot of sellers to sell at those low bids.)
    That is my opinion, but I see growth and this stock could be worth $0.10+ in the near quarters.

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    • Thanks for an honest opinion. I bought in at .06, ,009, and .012. Is lightly traded as I have tried several times to add and did not make it. Tried for 50k and got 5k. Time will tell.

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      • Also, new products on the website in the 3oz fudge varieties, as well as them expanding into the fundraiser world, for school sports, trips, etc will be a nice extra revenue for them. Selling boxes of 3oz fudge to schools, and they can turn around and sell it for double.
        I think there is going good stuff in the pipeline, and expanding into 7-11 with hopes of other wholesalers would be HUGE.

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