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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 Jun 25, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    6000 choc bars shipped to casino client

    On their website - they have an order filled for 6000 chocolate bars to a casino (that isn't named at this time). They came out of their new production facility that has much larger capacity than their old facility.
    They are going to be able to use that for wholesale products - and expand their sales base into retail stores.
    Good things to come. HOPEFULLY!

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    • Well There is nothing at the website about the GNGR chocolate that I saw in San Antonio, Texas at a candy store here. It has a LOT of them and I talked to the manager and she said that they JUST got them and they are selling pretty briskly. I bought one and MAN OH MAN that is good chocolate. She said her candy STORES throughout Texas all got a rather large order. BUT Again I did not see anything about it on their website. BUT I DID SEE the merchandise so.....

    • Lets hope we finally get some movement north, It has been a long time with no news and people getting frustrated and selling off with not much volume easy to drop the price. I think things are close to turning the corner with the new facility now operating they can now supply large orders quickly which is very positive. Big numbers coming by year end this is a steal at this price large profits to be made here, buy sit back and wait it is early and they are profitable. I wish people would leave ihub and come over here.

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      • Yah, I hear ya - I wish this board was as busy as the IHUB one.
        I worry about too many shares out there, it seems like the float just keeps getting larger and larger - but they don't have any financing deals, because they don't have any debt, so IDK where all the shares are coming from.
        I DO AGREE HOWEVER THAT ITS EARLY! With this new facility, that will open the door to wholesalers like BJ's, WholeFoods, and maybe entry into the retail stores like Target, Walmart, etc. It is still early and I hope a move north is in the cards - its been stalled at 0.005-0.006 for a while. I picked up more shares the other day to try to get some attention, but then it fell right back down to 0.0055.
        The CEO said announcements are to come..... so just hold those shares and wait it out.

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