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  • mtc44380 mtc44380 Jan 15, 2014 9:52 PM Flag

    Extra accessories for VORTEX $$$

    GNGR will be selling many accessories and products to go along with the Vortex mixer
    "If every vortex owner spends even $5000 annually on kits and supplies and our goal is to sell 200 units in 2014 there is no reason we should not be getting consistant residual $5000 annually from 200 vortex owners.same for 2015 or sooner anticipating sales of 1200 units.Many owners will spend $20,000 annually. If we are a source of all supplies and each store operates on 400% mark up (25%-$100 cost of materials, 25% $100 overhead and 50%-$200 profit. Each store would have to purchase $80,000 annually to net $40,000 for themselves."
    They are looking to sell 200 units in 2014, with sales of $1.2million on just the VORTEX alone. Add in the extras, plus all the other money from chocolates and confections and I think GNGR is a gold mine!

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    • Lets not get ahead of our selves. Forecasts are nice, but you still need to sell the product, When the PO's are in and the money banked, then break out the bubbly, not before. If I sound negative, I would prefer to be called realistic. Yes, it looks like they have a great future, but I would wait six months to start the celebration.
      Instant success rarely happens overnight.

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      • Those forcasts are straight from the vortex wesbite, i just merely copy and paste!
        Of course forcasts are usuallly wrong, but these numbers are straight from Grant!

        Just shedding some light on the possibilities!
        Ive held GNGR since my first buy back when it IPOd, fortunately i bought at 3cents and then more all the way down. Ive held through the closes under 0.003 so i know that nothing is gauranteed. Im very much a realist too - just getting out the information

    • Small kits $299 and Large kits $999 - these will aid in VORTEX users being able to make/package the chocolates they make.

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