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  • grovehousesw grovehousesw May 15, 2002 1:23 PM Flag

    three for a quarter

    Does anyone else get the feeling that we buy stuff for 10 cents a piece and sell at 3 for 25 cents and try and make it up in volume?


    hold-previously, strong buy

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    • grove,

      I don't know about your figures but the gist of your comment could be restated to say this doesn't seem to be a well run business. At least that is my opinion after buying shares a couple or so years ago [when it was $10] Seemed to have lots of promise but I began to notice with the battery deals that our brainwork didn't seem to do us much good. Perhaps my expections are not realistic. Nonetheless I am getting a bit disappointed.


    • Sold March 22.50's @ 1.15.

      If it makes a burst up for other reasons, like the revenues were huge or people begin to realize we're here to stay, grpw and prosper, I still have my left-over 25's & 30's 'till Friday. It was just the fact of FINALLY taking a profir with these options. I think I just may be on the right side of the curve this time.

      Any way I put the small profit into more UQM *Sipders* (250 more long).