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  • bstee bstee May 12, 2005 10:03 AM Flag

    LOOK out below --- testing 19???


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    • Nothing serious, more like a odd lots yard sale - anywhere from 9 (!) to 100 shares at a trade.

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      • That is true and what would be really nice, and I mean a nice show of good faith but it would never happen is if we could see a nice line up of insider buys right now.

        Sure we missed the number. Sure we never made a whisper about it, but seemed to say "hey we told you we are a year from profitability" and are still on track. Maybe so, but if that is really your mindset then you may be great scientists and great ideamen, but as far as Wallstreet even after 20 years you still don't get it. No I'm not bashing, and yes I have faith, because this is the right place in the right industry. But to think you can miss to the downside by about 12 cents and say that is fine no reason to warn because we are in red means they may get the science part but they sure don't get the business part.

        So what can they do? Real simple. Nothing bid. Show us all they have faith in the company - TODAY. Line them up. Top to bottom, everyone buys 1000 shares on the market. What is that $20,000, they got it. Hey if you are the recording Sect. and you don't have it you buy 150 shares. The insider transaction sites will light up like Christmas. And deep researchers will look at a little company they never heard of and see good technology. They'll see fieth by people in the know. Moving those kind of shares won't budge the price a bit, that is not the point. The point is to put your wallet where your mouth is. Not free or vested options, I mean cold hard cash, on the market. That is all it would take, they could do it today.