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  • ecd_anonymous ecd_anonymous Jul 23, 2005 1:19 AM Flag

    Energy Bill In Trouble!

    Have you ever looked into the massive lies told by the manufacturer of MTBE, and the courts verdicts? There is no question that DeLay and many of the Texas pols where paid off by ARCO and Shell who made a fortune on 1) the royalties for their IP in developing this 'wonderful' additive, 2} never disclosed the hazards of the chemical 3) and made another small fortune charging for adding it to the fuel and now retooling to take it out!

    Your approach leads me to the question, 'Do you support the legalization of drugs and the release of all the people in jail due to drug related offenses just because it's the people who pay for the drugs anyway?'

    One of the things that made our consumer economy so great was because of the risk incurred by the manufacturer by introducing a dangerous product.

    Just because these corporations are in Texas and have bought the current administration doesn't mean they should get off scott free for deliberatly lying about their product and force the government to clean up after the damage created in their pursuit of profits.

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