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  • ecd_anonymous ecd_anonymous Jul 23, 2005 11:26 AM Flag

    Democrats must take full responsibility

    Repealing PUHCA makes enron's contributions to the Republicans gold, BFD and that means it's going to pass and that's right the CA energy crisis was a warming up act as pointed out very clearly by the book and documentary 'Enron:The smartest guys in the room'

    BFD, let's just face it the American way of life is over. The Patriot Act is going to pass and with it your civil liberties, you won't even be able to complain about the wholesale looting of the country by ALL politicians and we will begin teaching 'fuzzy and evolution as science classes soon too!

    Finally americans will become the worlds poorest country and be reduced to waiting on tables for the foreigners that will come to explore the ruins of the American Empire and study how the bigger they are the harder they fall principle.

    Just remember the FOUR "c's" of ecd anonymous:
    1.I didn't cause it
    2. I can't control it
    3. I can't cure it
    4. but I damn well can capitalize on it!