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  • jjgruetzmacher jjgruetzmacher Aug 27, 2005 11:19 AM Flag

    Mention on Fox Sat AM

    I normally don't care what others are hyping, but ENER was a pick of Toby's on Fox Bulls & Bears (already a pick, I know, but it was mentioned on TV this AM), and it was concurred with by another.

    I'm in ENER for the long term at average of $20. I know this hype can pump up stuff really fast, but I'm worried that the faster it goes up the faster it will fall. I would prefer steady growth.

    Especially since earnings are around the corner and this co isn't profitable!

    This is like being married to a bi-polar woman.

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    • Did he really say that?Well he is wrong.ENER is going to $100very soon.Even he doesn't understand the true worth of this life changing company.

      ENER technology is not hypothetical like a lot of small AE start ups.It is for real as ECD is currently selling renewable energy product now.Going forward they have the biggest and best portfolio of any pure play Alternative Energy stock that publicly trades.Their carbon dioxide reduction technology and renewable energy products are the finest in the world.They are,simply, the best in their field.

    • "Especially since earnings are around the corner and this co isn't profitable!"

      If they don't have earnings.. can you explain to me how they are trading with a PE of 18 then? Just curious

    • Thanks for the heads up on the Monday Spike, which may even have a Tuesday Follow-through due to the high short position.

      >> This is like being married to a bi-polar woman. <<

      Is that a woman who likes to pump on top ?

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      • But what I always wonder is who are the SELLERS of those 1+million shares, and what is their logic? -----jj-after 40 years you have to ask this question---you know the answer and without his management we would be 100 a share.Last week i put in an order to sell 5000 at 35 just as a lark and i might just get it off.THE PROBLEM IS STILL THE LASK OF SUBSTANCE COMING FROM ECD ITSELF.HOW CAN EVERYONE BE TALKING ABOUT ECD TECH AND YET THE COMPANY HAS NOTHING TO SAY.I WISH YOU ALL LUCK GOING TO A HUNDRED BUT I WONT BR FOOLED AGAIN BY STAN

    • Tobin gave it a $45 price target but the other guy next to him, I can't remeber his name, said that ECD had the hot products of the future. First time I've heard the variety of products the company has as compared to just being pigeon holed into the hydrogen fuel cell category. ECD seems to be breaking that image and that is good for the stock. People are starting to understand the multitude of businesses this company will have. There was some mention of ECD doesn't get paid for the Prius but hasn't that changed with the settlement. Every battery that enters the USA, something is paid to ECD right? Anyway I like the way things are looking for the long waited PR that seems to be propelling us hirer. My impression of the FOX show was this stock could easily break through the $45 area and in short order. Hang on to your hats

    • This is like being married to a bi-polar woman.<<<

      What a karmic blessing. You quickly get it; that is that everything changes every moment of life. The Buddha called it impermanence.

      They say here that I am that too and I take it to be a great compliment. No kidding around.