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  • wonothing wonothing Apr 12, 2006 5:27 PM Flag


    Look we all know ENER will earn $2.50 in 2007 and will have sales greater than 1billion by 2010.But what everybody is forgetting is the immediate revenue and earnings that will be coming from the machine building division.I expect we will very soon see ENER up over$10 in one day when they announce they will be building machines and licensing their solar machines to other parties around the world.I expect that very soon and on the same day the first of these announcements will be made about Germany and China simultaneously.This news will be huge.Lets not forget the German and Chinese projects have been in the hopper for over one year.Quite simply the world needs ENER solar technology as rapidly as possible.It is simply the best and is the lowest solar cost per watt available.

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    • I do my DD on ENER everyday of the week.that is why I am so excited about its prospects.I am happy i wasn't here many years ago because the ENER ship nwas slow nto arrive.Now those many years of hard work and research are about tp pay off in a major way.I hope Mr.O. is around to see his stock trade in triple digits and I am not talking about $100.I am thinking more like $200 or $300.No its not a dream it is possible given all the timely products ENER has and will be introducing.

      When the PR Dept. is again unleashed,ENER will very rapidly hit new highs and not look back.It is simply the best stock to own in the fast growing alternative energy industry.

    • My knowledge of what is happening at ENER is better than most.My predictions of the future happenings at ENER have been correct.From $18 I have been right at every turn.AS I said, not too long ago "beg ,borrow,and steal every dime you can and buy ENER."If you listened than you would have riches beyond your wildest dreams.As your buying power increases with stock price you buy more and more and more.
      The party is just begining.The major moves are just ahead for us as the energy crisis deepens and ENER products become more valuable.Forget trading ENER this is the most exciting stock I have ever come across.They have the right products for the current enviornment.Instead of knocking me,you ought to learn to listen
      Stop being a knuklehead and buy ENER.If you don't have the cash than borrow the money.You sold out bulls make me laugh.You must be miserable waiting for a correction.Now go fuck yourself homo.

    • As far as I know, ENER does not have patent protection for thin film solar. So the idea that it will get license fees from others for thin film technology is in error.

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      • Re: >As far as I know, ENER does not have patent protection for thin film solar. So the idea that it will get license fees from others for thin film technology is in error.

        Did you just fall off of a turnip truck?

        No, having thin film PV per se may not be patentable.

        What is more important is that they DO have patents on the processes and machinery to produce thin film.

        Do your homework for a few months and then kindly report back.

        (Hint: If you can find any other company that can effectively accomplish semi-conductor "clean room" fab in what is essentialy nine rooms arranged back to back in a seamless, non-stop, deposition chamber process to build the equivalent of what ECD build a mile and half at a time then let me know.

        And, so, if you don't know if ENER has patent protection you are either hopelessly ignorant, un-motivated and/or ill-informed.


      • As far as I know they do.Suggest you go and read SEC reports