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  • dionizie dionizie Jul 11, 2006 8:26 AM Flag

    OT: Yesterday - 150y: Tesla was born

    The world is desperately in need of a genious of Tesla's caliber right now. Then again some Con e.g. Edison would surely show up and harness the sustainable and clean scientific discoveries with all the trappings of greed with no foresight.
    Rest in peace Nikola Tesla wherever the world migh just catch up with your ideas in about couple of centuries.

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    • >>The world is desperately in need of a genious of Tesla's caliber right now.<<

      Yes. I believe I see the man. That is - in part - why I am on this MB and have the ENER shares. But, as with Tesla, a visionary and professional of a great caliber does not make for all the prereqisites for an immediate wealth, either for him/herself or for his/her environment.

      Nevertheless, such an individual gets a satisfaction in his/her achievement. For those persons it is usually enough. (And this is why, IMHO, we as ECD shareholders are in peril. Nevertheless, I was, am and will remain to be a true believer in ENER.)


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      • I hear you, we also need new George Westighouse just like Tesla had, someone with deep pockets, vision and market courage to make all this happen.
        We're wasting our scientific resources on clapper lights, supersonic dildos and "improved" beer keg pumps.
        What happened with wireess electricity, using Earth's resonance as a source energy, it got clapped down I guess, applaud yourself human kind, are you confortable enough in your lazy-boy with bulit-in massager?