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  • drsurd drsurd Apr 7, 2007 12:01 AM Flag


    Has Tesla used any Cobasys patents or product?

    Tesla Motors�s engineers selected cells from a reputable Fortune 500 battery supplier that has produced billions of safe, reliable, Li-ion batteries. We combined this basic proven cell technology with our own unique battery pack design to provide multiple layers of protection. Our design ensures that should any cell fail catastrophically, adjacent cells do not. This is true regardless of whether or not the battery pack cooling system is running. (The cooling system in the Energy Storage System exists to increase the battery pack�s life -- we don't depend on it for safety.)

    We then collaborated with an outside firm known for expertise in lithium ion battery safety to perform hundreds of tests to validate the safety of our design. In these tests, we set out to simulate a worst-case scenario in which a cell develops a serious malfunction. In each test, we set a cell on fire in the middle of a Tesla Motors battery pack (by heating the heck out of it) and observed the results. Our design contained these failures to a single cell, demonstrating that malfunctions wouldn�t spread.

    The Battery Safety Monitor, mounted inside the battery pack�s protective enclosure, measures voltage, current, acceleration, tilt, smoke, moisture, and more. Like the controller for an airbag, the Battery Safety Monitor responds to an emergency - in this case by automatically disconnecting the battery pack from the vehicle and shutting down power to the car and to all electric cables in the car.

    None of the Tesla Roadster�s high voltage systems are accessible to accidental contact outside their protective enclosures and jacketed cables. Only with special tools can someone gain access to any high-voltage components. Our high-voltage systems are enclosed, labeled, and color-coded with markings that service technicians and emergency responders already understand.

    Designing a safe, large lithium ion battery is difficult, but not impossible

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