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  • post_looks_10a_brass post_looks_10a_brass Apr 7, 2007 6:09 PM Flag


    Has Tesla delivered any products yet?

    At last count, Tesla received orders for a mere 200 cars or so, at a whopping $90,000+ each. I haven't heard that they've actually delivered any vehicles to any customers yet.

    So what good does it do to own the rights to a cost-prohibitive technology that generates such a minuscule number of sales? (Heck, even the Saturn Vue Hybrid sells three times as many units in just a month.) For Tesla roadsters to become economically viable, gas would have to rise to at least $6/gal.

    Tesla is a green herring, a 21st century DeLorean.

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    • << Tesla is a green herring, a 21st century DeLorean. >>

      Might be, might not. This is where the early real-world testing takes place. I'll bet you see them on the race track, too, given the kind of performance they're boasting. Whether the company survives or not is a matter of many things, including luck. But if the engineering is good, you'll see parts of it starting to appear in more mass-market vehicles.

      The difference was that DeLorean wasn't doing anything revolutionary, the Tesla is.