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  • dionizie dionizie Jul 9, 2009 3:54 PM Flag


    Your tone reminds me of one those scary movie characters who takes pleasure seeing people suffer, with uncontrolable almost tourette sparks of nasiness mixed up with faux compassion and meek attitude. Did you check yourself for bipolar?
    Anyhow I do have a question for you, if it is in fact the way you say it is, why was ENER at $20 just back in May, it seems to me that most everything that there is to know about this company was out at the same time, aside analysts' opinions and the market sentiment.

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    • ecd.spam: Hey asshat, 179/292=0.613 or 61.3%, NOT 60%. And who said anything about 2008 PV capacity installed. You were talking about new reservations in the past six months. Try again asshat!

    • tesdad2007: Hey imbecile, SEIA says 179MWs new PV capacity installed in CA in 2008, 292MWs total in the US. Can't you divide those two numbers? Good luck!

    • ecd.spam: Why the hostility ecd.spam? Are the teenage boys rejecting you because you spend way too much time posting on MB's and blogs? Your 60% figure is inaccurate and insignificant. Kinda like you.

      Now what are these losses you are talking about? You obviously have me confused with someone else.

      Gotta run ecd.spam. My wife is looking to give me that "wrath" again, asshat!

    • ecd.idiot: Didn't get laid yet, did ya?

    • ma_dma_tb: What is so confusing about getting 90c on the dollar or not getting anything at all for months? Because that's what the imbeciles like you experienced with their cash equivalents in Lehman commercial paper and in the Reserve Fund. Get it, imbecile?

      And bonds fluctuate in price, if you haven't heard!

    • You argument just doesn't hold any water at all. Couple more examples of a cash equivalent:

      1. Bonds
      2. Cashiers check
      3. Lottery ticket (unless I need the money tonight, I can wait 'till the store opens tomorrow)

      These are not called cash simply because they are not cash. What is so confusing about it?

    • ma_dma_tb: If it is just as good, why isn't it called cash. Why is it called "equivalent?" Tell your explanations to the morons who still have money stuck in Lehman commercial paper and in the Reserve Fund - let's see what they have to say about whether cash is just the same as "cash equivalents!" Imbecile! Sometimes you can take the ticket to a store and if the store is closed, what are you going to put in the parking meter?

    • dionizie: I do not tolerate lies, that's all! So to the liars and their "supporters" I would look exactly as you described me.

      Short term stock movements are unpredictable. And no, not everything is "out." For example, can you tell me how many MWs have been newly reserved with Unisolar laminates in the past six months in California (which accounts for 60% of the US PV market)? It is public information, but do you know? I thought so.

      Tell me, what is the fair value of a company that can't sell its product profitably ever again? Then you will know whether everything is "out."

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      • I don't thin anyone here likes lies and liars and I have nothing against anyone who makes calls as they see them. Questioning a performance or futre prospects of a company is a basic right of an investor, being short or long. I actually carefuly listen the shorts' opinions as even if they don't make any sense at all, they do reflect a certain sentiment which could play a role in the price movement.
        Now, you still didn't give me a straight answer to my question, why such a big drop in price without any major company specific new developments, don't tell me that everyone all of a sudden just realized that ENER's laminates don't sell in California.
        What makes you think that ENER isn't going to be profitable in the future and/or that they can't sell their product at a profit? It's really hard to fool a room full of investment bankers, are you suggesting that ENER is in business of fooling everyone?