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  • leogsb leogsb Dec 28, 2009 11:07 PM Flag

    Simple Book Value Calculation For ENER

    Total 'Tangible' Current Assets - $1069 Mil
    Total Current Liabilities : $407 Mil
    Total Shareholder Equity: $662 Mil
    Total Outstanding Common Shares: 46 Mil

    Tangible Book Value = 662/46 = $14.39 per share

    Stock currently trading below it's 'tangible' book value at $10.57 must be a 'screaming' buy right now! Am I missing anything here?

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    • Big Bounce is way overdue

    • Admitedley it's been a painfull few months but I sold some at 9.70 a few days ago. I'm down about 25% on the rest of the ENER I continue to hold. I still believe ENERs situation will improve and they will be profitable by the end of the year. I will most likely sell some of my holdings if ENER gets back over 12 but will continue to hold a core position for the long-term.

      The shorts have won this battle but the war is not over.

    • inthelongrunwerealldead,

      How's it going little long ENER buddy olé pal, got any more good trading advice for me today?

      Your Advice so Far:
      1. Draw a line in the sand
      2. Buy and Hold
      3. Fold them arms across your chest
      4. Slam shut that wallet
      5. Oh and keep a steady flow of texting your daughter those smiley face emocons...

      "I'm still long and ENER is still massively undervalued and yes, my 14 year old daughter is still smarter than you."

      Q. What does she want to be when shes grows up?

    • fast paced industry, tons of competition, IP eroding and not keeping pace, stocks are based on the future prospects, if this was a dying company, that would explain it

    • Hey turd.dick, I'm still long and ENER is still massively undervalued and yes, my 14 year old daughter is still smarter than you.

      I can wait until rationality returns. The bigger question is what will you shorts do Tuesday when ENER projects the CONFIRMED additional revenue (about 100m) over the next few quarters?

    • "ENER is massively undervalued based on its current share price and prospects for improved sales and a return to profitability."

      Hey Buddie, How's ENER "massively undervalued" working for you?

      You were "Short" right, and you bought some SRS calls, didn't you?

      I'm sure glad I'm dumber then you and your 14 year old daughter...

    • Ray, your welcome

    • Thank you, Ray, & I agree. "Gangsters" is indeed the proper term. WS is infested with a closed oligarchy that is both secretive and possesses powers not available to the common investor. Their abuses have been well documented in Rolling Stone and also Economist magazine. The net effect is the enrichment of a non-productive elite to the detriment of all others. I'd like to see documentation of every single sale today and into this rally, and every single "fail to deliver" traced back to the source and severly punished. That is the only way we can begin to reclaim the American Financial system for the people and not the WS gangsters. IMHO.

    • >>Thank you, Larry. That sounds probable, fairly standard practice, I suppose. I don't like it, but am not sure why.<< (Bubba)

      I agree.

      >>Yet another example of WS being way too clever for common investors. Nonetheless, if you are correct, then those 3.7 million shares will have to be returned in 2013, when the CV notes are due. As it is, they are neither borrowed (in the conventional sense) nor are they naked shorts. That would explain why the interest on the debt is so cheap. <<

      Yes -- except, I would say "way too CROOKED". However, in this case, the manipulation is backed by real borrowed shares, not naked shares. I suspect there are a lot of naked shares at work, also -- and I believe it is very easy for various hedge funds to clandestinely cooperate in manipulating stocks.

      The problem, as I see it, is this (and, I think it is fairly obvious): Being hedged by being both long and short reduces risk enough to allow reasonably-safe, large bets. While such can expected to move the stock price of large corporations only a little, the high safety of being hedged permits very large bets -- and the high likelihood of some stock movement means more-or-less continual manipulations, up and down, can reap large "profits" (thefts, that is). And, collusion can greatly enhance the prospects of success. As these trading manipulations have become perfected (at least a decade back, IMO), the stock market has become a massively corrupt game.

      >>The bondholders have made out like gangbusters, so far, and I wouldn't know what would prevent them from covering now and enjoying the ride back upwards, however far it makes it to their conversion price. ???<<

      Not "gangbusters" -- gangbusters are what we need; and what the SEC should be doing!! Gangsters, is the proper term.

    • All the data is fine and good to know. However, that is not what I go by. I am new to this board but not new to ENER. I live and die with Point and Figur charts. I doubted a little in November and missed a huge opportunity because of this doubt. The P &F charts right now predict that ENER will go down to about $8.50. P&F charts filter out the noise of the ordinary ups and downs and allows a clearer picture of a stocks real future. I have some money on the sidelines waiting for ENER P&F chart to tell me that the bearish trend has been reversed. I do not expect it to go all the way down to $8.5 before reversing but at the same time there is no telling how long this reversal will take. Be patient. ENER is just one of the stocks on my watch list but I will be ready to ride the next wave. If anyone is interested, I will post on this board when the bearish trend is reversed.

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