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  • melsaville melsaville Mar 18, 2010 7:50 PM Flag

    GE is tanking the solar market

    GE saying they are getting into the solar market, thin film, is killing all thin film makers, all are down in AH's.

    and rightly so. The only hope is they buy up your solar company....which I doubt since they say they have better and cheaper technology.

    Oh well.

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    • the big companies tend to leave the embryonic development
      of such things to smaller , specialized companies ..
      next phase will be for the big guys to wade in the water ...
      that means buying out the best of the small companies, sometimes they give deep pocket partnering to a smaller
      company, then buy'em if the the stuff is successful ..

      So ... it stands to reason that GE has had solar stuff
      in their labs for 30 years or more, but was a project that
      stayed on a back burner while GE was pounding out
      jet and rr engines and electrical generation from historic
      sources ..

      In order to supply the market with sufficient units ,
      production of solar panels will have to come from large
      companies and the big guys are ready to pounce when the
      time is correct ...

      right now, I would have imagine that the strategy sessions
      are determining where the money is for each company ..
      building huge systems in the desert , or selling millions
      of units for home and small business and other small
      apps .... the big companies are less apt to go for the
      domestic market and more prone to large projects ....

      it's all interesting and exciting , but reality takes
      decades , CNBC and the rest of the fin. media love to make
      'these things seem to start and finish in a matter of
      months, then many bewildered neoph

    • GE's Primestar solar modules will be enclosed in GLASS!
      They will NOT be flexible.
      Can you say PRIMITIVE?
      This is NOT competition for UniSolar!

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      • You are absolutely right to question the competiveness of Prime Star Solar. Prime Star Solar has its Michigan Equipment Center in Montague, MI which is 30 miles from my home. One of my friends has done some business with them in the past and he had nothing good to say about them.

        If you look at the history of GE Energy with this company they obtained a majority stake in the company back in June 2008, so their announcement yesterday is curious.

        If you go to Prime Star Solar's website it says:


        We ARE NOT shipping commercial orders at this time. To discuss your future sales orders of substantial size (over 1 MW):

    • G.E. technology is CdTe which should worry no one at ECD. It has no place to go. tertom

    • ECD is a leading thin film provider-repeat-ECD is a leading thin film provider
      (and cadmium is toxic) Where have all the cadmium rechargeable batteries gone??

      the following notwithstanding

      GE Niskayuna lab ramps up solar thin-film research
      March 18, 2010 at 1:56 pm by Eric Anderson

      General Electric’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna said today it is focusing its efforts on developing thin film photovoltaic technology, working with PrimeStar Solar Inc. in the Denver suburb of Arvada, Colo. GE is a majority investor in PrimeStar.

      GE and PrimeStar are focusing on cadmium telluride systems, seeking to produce efficient, low-cost panels.

      “After having completed an exhaustive survey of the PV landscape, we determined that thin films were the optimum path for GE,” said Danielle Merfeld, GE’s solar research and development leader. “Specifically, the CdTe technology from PrimeStar has great potential.”

      The team of scientists is seeking to produce panels that are efficient and reliable with low costs of production and installation. GE scientists at research laboratories in Munich, Shanghai and Bangalore are working with the Niskayuna-based research team.

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      • Solid glass panels with a thin film of anything that generates electricity, whether made by GE, First Solar or anybody else, should be irrelevant to ENER's market of flexible thin film that is fitted for curved surfaces, roofs with load or penetration issues and for other purposes. The company has insisted that it is in such a separate market and that there should be enough business for it in addition to the heavy glass panel makers that use a thin solar coating.

        The problem that the company has been struggling with for the past year is the effect of the great recession which has made financing of roof projects difficult.

        The company has adopted a number of new marketing channels which it hopes will overcome these issues. The jury is still out on whether these efforts will work to generate a continuing volume of orders within its market segment sufficient to produce sustained profitability necessary for its price to rise and , ultimately, for it to be viable.

      • toddfriedman Mar 19, 2010 2:16 PM Flag

        GE lags well behind First Solar in CdTe solar technology and Applied Materials lags well behind ENER (Uni-Solar) in a-Si solar technology, and, in desperation, both are now turning to their R&D labs around the world in hopes of salvaging their investments.