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  • jimmygoduh jimmygoduh Jun 22, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

    Zeph stole from shareholders

    By taking the paycheck and never adding anything of value, Zeph was stealing from shareholders. And now he comments on the company???

    How does he look at himself in the mirror when he gladly accepted a paycheck from ENER and never delivered anything of value, then bash the company after being fired?

    Zeph, you make the shareholders sick.

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    • jimmygoduh: If I am to believe ECD's filings with the SEC, ECD's biggest quarterly loss on record actually occurred in the March 2010 quarter. And things are different now from those good times in the past - ECD has $293 million in debt and not enough assets to repay it, and the magic of the Charlatan Extraordinaire is long gone.

      The Manning thing was nothing compared to what the bond holders can do:

    • I feel bad that you lost money. Sincerely. The investors have indeed gotten shafted by the downturn in alternative energy.

    • Yeah, those were good times. Remember those 40 years of losing the shareholder's money every single quarter? Remember how the company never made money when you collected a check for doing nothing of value? Those were good times, huh Zeph?

    • You got severance did you???
      Care to retract that statement before I prove you are a liar?

    • way to go man - I am happy for you - I too found a job very shortly after leaving, it was liberating actually, to be free of that place. For the first few years things were great there, a sense of enthusiasm, morale was high, people were happy at work, but that changed into a very different place now...oh well, I met some great ppl when I was there that I still keep in contact with, and I have the utmost respect for. I have a lot of respect for some of the upper management who have been there for 20 + years as well as most of the ECD guys that had been there for a while too. It is sad that they have seen the company hijacked and then aborted by Morelli and American Axle goons after all their years of hard work. They know exactly whats going on, but it is hard to get up and change when you have been somewhere for that long, and have a family to feed. Oh well, I wish you the best buddy - contact me on -- or I will look for you

    • Oh ya.

      The 15 shares of stock was pretty hilarious. What was even funnier is the litany of stipulations you had to meet in order to keep it. Nearly everyone I talked to said they should have just kept the stock.

      Does anyone question why USO received so little stimulus cash? Why would such a pioneer in solar get so little help from the government? It was laughable.

    • hahah - yeah I was gone before that - the 15 shares is pathetic - remember when they let the ppl in GV go and gave them a $10 Meijer gift card?

    • Hey Zeph, did you keep your 15 shares of stock? :-)

      You might have been let go before they gave their remaining employees 15 shares of tanking stock.

    • people that get fired do not get severance - I did - so what does that mean?

    • I am also a former employee of USO. I won't disclose what I did. They make you sign a severance agreement that states that I will never talk bad about the company. It's funny that they resort to draconian measures to hide their company's practices.

      I indeed brought much value to this company and I was recently terminated because I disagreed with some of the waste occurring.

      I would hate to be an investor in this company. Good luck folks.

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