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  • subhenduguha68 subhenduguha68 Sep 24, 2010 8:44 AM Flag

    Solar is Heating Up


    At no other time in our history have renewable sources of energy been more critical – for our economy, for our self preservation, for our planet. So much so that the covergence of government incentives, consumer demand and private will has begun to tip the scales towards solar. New tax incentives and our own highest rate of return make now the moment to invest.

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    • Well, OK, the medical/industrial complex presents a huge problem for our society and economy, true, and the Health Care Bill, in the manner and timing of its execution, did derail legislative progress on other fronts, especially energy policy.
      I'd like salute Dr. Guha for coming on here and contributing to and stimulating the discussion. It would be nice to be in an industry that did not depend on government actions (or inactions), but ultimately, I know of no such industry. All and everyone is affected by govt. policy, at some level and to some extent.
      In my analysis of the solar industry, there are a few major themes that predominate:
      1)distributed generation, including energy storage, smart grid, feed in tariffs, subsidies and financing for up front costs. Also includes the special problems of utility scale generation, owing to the intermittent nature of solar generation.
      2)Climate Change and pollution
      3)Energy Independence and Industrial development, including Electric Vehicles.
      4)Distortions of the marketplace arising from Chinese subsidized production for export.
      No one knows all of the answers, but it is time to get the debate back on track and allow lucid minds to promulgate long term planning that will preserve the ecosystem and world peace for future generations.

    • defensive testing is an issue, but a big one, never mentioned in the media, is conflict of interest. the ancillary enterprises of the hospital, labs, clinics, mri centers, medical office complex etc. often have the doctors as partners. this way of doing business has gone on for decades. Check out the financial statements of your local medical conglomerate and see how the doctors are given incentives to pump up the lab and other subsidiaries. In our area a popular doc was fired by the hospital. He worked at a hospital owned community health center. Nurses and people on the inside said that it was for his refusal to play the game. There was a public outcry and he was rehired.

    • The system is fraught with perversities. I think that we need to get back to first principles across the board and do some major re-thinking. How is it that the insurance companies have conditioned Americans to respond: "OMG, my child is sick and I don't have insurance!" ? Fooey! Insurance never healed as much as an insect bite. Doctors heal, insurers and lawyers steal.
      Or, in the energy sector, we have these ninnies running around saying:"OMG, they're trying to cap Carbon emissions and our electric bills will skyrocket!" Fooey! What they should be saying is:"OMG, the world is running out of oil and also the coal burning is heating up the planet, we have choking smog in our cities and are shipping boatloads of dollars and soldiers overseas to the Middle East!"
      Or, finally, how about this one from Bubs: "OMG, I'm owning more shares in this company than the entire BOD and here I am communicating with them over a stupid MB, worried mainly about whether they're going to meet their road map, sales targets, get approvals, raise module efficiencies and lower costs!"

    • Also In Pa., a doctor could not go bare on Malpractice insurance. His/her licence was taken away if he/she did. tertom

    • "The Pa. legislature created some kind of excess liablity type fund to help the doctors out."
      When I lived in Pa. 20 years ago, the fund was to help out the Insurance companies and trial lawyers. The insurance Cos. were only liable for the first 100 thousand of a malpractice case. Any award above that came from the catastrophic fund. When that ran low, the doctors were assesed money to fill it back up.Trial lawers ran the Pa. legislature. tertom

    • bubba i vote for you. most countries have scientists, doctors, etc. serving time in public office and help make for a more educated debate. we're 95% lawyers who only know how to line their own pockets. idiots like pelosi should be kicked out hard. we need intelligence not experience in our halls if we want to save democracy. capitalism with rules is the only way, not our bribery system we have in place

    • "is being delayed by powerful interests. Both the U.S. and China have too many swine and insufficient okra. "

      You are invited to the Congressional luau in November w/ traditional pit roasted fauna

    • agreed. the pertinent point there is that 95% of the state sponsored PV made in the Celestial Kingdom now goes for export, and hard earned worker's dollars are being spent to hold a currency peg for the capitalist Pig industrialists (making needed imports more expensive)and not to deploy efforts locally to provide clean air, rural electrification and development for citizens. This is changing, but is being delayed by powerful interests. Both the U.S. and China have too many swine and insufficient okra.

    • Who knows what Hu knows... whomever follows Hu will carry a heavy burden- peasants are flowing into the cities, unemployed... those who follow Hu must get it right or a bubble will make our little wallstreet fiasco look like a mismanaged lemon-aid stand.

    • all for QE2, and the Tea Party has no clue, but Uncle Hu does.

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