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  • rpbossman rpbossman May 10, 2000 4:44 PM Flag


    within just a few days. Interesting note about
    ECD's hydrogen fuel cell technology. ECD's process does
    not include the use of precious metals like paladium
    or platnium. These process's can be fouled by
    pollutants. Also in an ENER fuel cell vehicle you don't need
    a battery. Also Texaco plans on outfitting its
    buildings with ECD's solar tech. That alone could be huge.
    Folks. We are on the verge.

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    • Here is what the 10K (annual report) for
      6/31/1999 has to say about DVD:

      "In the field of
      information technology, the Company's Ovonic phase-change
      rewritable optical memory technology, already being used in
      CD-RW systems, has been chosen for use in the emerging
      DVD rewritable optical disk systems. The
      international standards for rewritable DVD media and systems,
      designed by major optical disk manufacturers, specify the
      use of the Company's phase-change optical memory
      technology. All significant manufacturers of phase-change
      optical memory storage media are licensees of the
      Company, and include Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
      Ltd. ("Matsushita/Panasonic"), Ricoh Company Limited
      ("Ricoh"), Sony Corporation ("Sony"), Toshiba Corporation
      ("Toshiba"), Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. ("Asahi"),
      Hitachi, Ltd. ("Hitachi"), Plasmon Limited ("Plasmon"),
      Toray Industries, Inc. ("Toray"), TDK Corporation
      ("TDK"), and Teijin, Limited ("Teijin").

      So it is
      royalty income that will come from DVD!