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  • gruen7 gruen7 Jul 8, 2009 8:35 AM Flag

    zooper watch the link

    link of proof

    don't believe how bad the problem of fake shares being created from discount brokers up to the big guys, Goldman and such.

    box office future contracts are being offered as an IPO so they don't sell our bonds to zero

    the other day they closed and could not trade for 6 hours till somebody from the United States got on the phone and begged them to stop selling and buy some.

    this one below is absolutely terrifying

    Hank Paulson is taking dollar to zero but nobody with pitchforks will get him, he will vanish to another country.

    The chinese bondholders were bailed out from AIG but US shareholders lost all.

    When hugo chavez lost money the USA did not bail him out.

    I think the real crash is almost here and will happen if they don't get the stimulus going fast and into regular peoples hands. Jobs must be started also, perhaps schools to train for solar building and installation. And millions of green jobs.

    We might really be at the end, many of the rich have moved out of the United States and out of the dollar.$ 16 for Sunpower sounds about right

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    • I agree with this problem.

      If the house, senate, or president could do something about it, they would have already, which tells me the problem is unfixable and will result in a crash and possibly new global markets, currency, and rules and regulations.

      Never thought I would be embarrassed of my country being more corrupt then even mexico.

      10 trillion just disappears from treasury and all they can say is we don't know where it went.

      We are in enough trouble I am looking for a home out of the country, off this continent.

      Palm is going to 55, spwra 16 or lower.

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      • That's right guys. Our government is corrupt and needs to be overthrown. The FEDERAL RESERVE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The whole market is a sham the way Hussein O'Bama has set it up. There is no trabnsparency. They will protect the people who keep them in power and that is the Fed. THROUGH UNLAWFUL TAXES AND TRAMPLING OF THE CONSTITUTION, OUR GOVERNMENT IS FAILING US. WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEEE?

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