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  • mtwashingtonmike mtwashingtonmike Feb 4, 2010 2:19 PM Flag

    Folks get a grip!

    The market is getting killed today. AD line is almost 10-1 negative. Volume is 20-1 negative. The correction that has been predicted for months is coming to pass. We have been in it for better than 2 weeks now. Look for a challenge of 1050 on the S&P 500 at least before we rally. The weak sisters like SPWRA take it the worst during times like this.

    Of course SPWRA could mitigate some of this damage if they would speak, but 'silence' seems to be the watchword, or perhaps 'speechless' over there.

    The curious thing is, as bad as SPWRA is doing many solars are doing considerably worse, the Chinese especially.

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    • Perhaps I have so many people ignored I'm missing what you're upset with... As for my posts the last couple days after not really posting much since the accounting news broke is that I'm increasingly ticked off at the management. I know stocks like this will lead the way down on a bad day like this, or a correction, but I firmly believe it's worse than what it would be if they weren't so secretive. If anyone had any clue what was going on better decisions could be made. With all this uncertainty I really don't know if there's a bottom to the PPS at the moment. I'm also increasingly concerned that when they do come out from behind the curtain trust in this management team has been broken enough that we'll continue to lag for a long time to come. I specifically bought after the last earnings announcement on the drop every $1 to $1.5 drop while I had funds to do so because I believed the selloff was ridiculous looking at the pipeline and their prior results. Clearly the sellers were right and I was so wrong it's mind numbing. Still holding, though, and bought a little more (yet another mistake it appears) at 21.50 last week.

      Now, back to looking at that VZ chart. I think I like it. In any case, I may actually have a shot at making some money on something during this correction so time to stop wasting my time contemplating my mistakes here... It'll come back eventually, just not so sure I'll have the trust to keep with this management team when it does.

    • SPWRA Rocks.

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