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  • wallstcrookbuster wallstcrookbuster May 19, 2010 2:43 PM Flag

    Crooks with super computers are in control of the markets

    SEC is putting in some stupid 10 min stop program that means absolutely nothing, and completely ignores the real program that has almost destroyed the markets; and that is the bigtime short scamming crooks with the super computers that continuous short the hell out of stocks with unlimited funding, thus always controlling the stock price to whatever they want it to be. It could get really bad when the 401K'ers just give up and get out for good before they lose it all. Wallst is being controlled by a bunch of crooks and out USA government continues to allow them to get away with it. Simply stop all shorting of stocks by everyone including the worse offenders, the crooked MMs. Round them up and throw their asses in jail where all crooks belong.

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    • Why not just reinstitute the uptick rule? It is pretty obvious that not having that stop guard allowed the values to be manipulated far below the levels they should have.

      Were asset values far higher than they should have been in 2007? Probably. The SEC did nothing but stand by and watch.

      Now, we see Senators and Gov't officials took place in the shorting, wiping out the individual investor.

    • as much as I hate regulation...I agree. As long as money can be made...someone is always willing to scrw their neighbors/friends/family to get it.

      They do not contribute significant value (for the price they extract)...imo

    • the world is out of money. computers don't matter. the pool of money chasing stokcs has shrunk,

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