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  • forthewildlife forthewildlife May 22, 2010 2:52 AM Flag

    To Werner and BOD:

    You people are running a public company that's expected to realize over $1 billion in Q4 sales, you'd better find a way to show some serious profits. We, myself and all the shareholders, are losing fistfuls of retirement savings, get off your asses and figure it out.

    Hell, Trina will post only $1.3 billion in '10 sales and show a profit of over $2/sh. And SPWR can only break even at best? If it's too hard let someone else take over and give it a crack. This stock is getting pretty close to worthless, you should be embarrassed. Listen to the analysts and your customers, make it work! That's your job BOD, not to just sit there and swallow up option grants for $0. Fire the top guy and replace him if that's what it takes.

    The market has spoken and what you're doing has failed! Spend a few minutes this weekend and think about a better way. Surely one exists.

    Down every day is starting to bother me.


    A shareholder that probably holds more shares than the CEO (take a hint)

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    • Calpine or other power plant producer might be interested in Sunpower. PG&E, SCE are required, regulated to buy AE. Other states have similar policies or will follow their footsteps.

      BP, Exxon- Mobole, Chevron, Philip-Conaco have spend R&D money on AE.
      They can easily acquire SunPower for political correctness and getting the Fed off their back. If they move too late, SunPower will be much more expensive after it goes IPO again.

      This co. Has a lot of unrealized potential like oil under sand. It's time to unlock it to return value to shareholders by shopping the co. as Palm has done.

    • What's you asked for is reasonable. A better plan might be taking the co. Private. A premium would be $22.44 amounting to 2.18B which is stlll less than $2.25 B 2010 rev. This will take pressure off from mgmt not to answer the Wall St quarterly thereby freeing up mgmt to focus on long term growth and the new UPP and RnC biz model. There is lots of hedge fund
      and private equity money sitting on the sideline.

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