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  • swingtraderbilly swingtraderbilly Mar 24, 2011 1:43 PM Flag

    Must be shorts' manipulation

    Right DeadAir?
    down 7 cents....

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    • No, it was me jinxing the stock. I bought more yesterday afternoon in the hopes that we might be seeing it break back to the recent highs. For 2 1/2 years now that's been a sure sign of the end of any rally in the stock...

    • Any position these days swing?

      IMHO this thing floats around between $15.50 and $17.00 for a while. I am waiting for the market to correct, but the last few days are making me wait. I thought with all the $hit hitting the fan we would see 11,000 on the DOW.

      I am still long 1900 shares, no option position. Might look at Apr or MAy 17 calls if it touches 50 DMA again.

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      • Truly I don't know what to make of current events, so when I am feeling that way I find it best to to pull weeds and plant bananas rather than trade equities.
        Those things I can always count upon.
        I would hope a nuclear meltdown such as we are experiencing would shine light upon the shining benefits of solar energy. You know I have always been anti nuke and pro solar, even though I do occasionally short spwr just because of their mismanagement, not their sector. I have long wondered why and how long everyone else will wait to tap into such abundance solar power offers.
        I love the life I live thru the benefits of solar power.
        Still, right now, Mr Market seems tired after having such a long rush back to where he already was. At least for most companies, spw being an exception.
        I'm mostly long in my hopes right now, but short in my conviction. I thing lots of us feel this way right now. Nothing like the bull runs; hard to trade poorly then, but I am finding trades harder to be profitable lately. Maybe it's just me, but it's enough to make me sit it out for now. Mr. Market will be there when I'm ready to move. My best advantage is to wait until I'm sure of a high probability trade.
        GLT my friend.

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