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  • boar292hog boar292hog Jul 29, 2011 7:50 PM Flag

    SPWRA wheres your info.!?

    I went to your site and found NOTHING on your average efficiency PVC/screens? Are you at 40%? 35%....the new Gallium Nitride PVCs are up over 40%. Where are you?
    Second question....why are you so expensive? Why aren't your inverters right there on the panels?
    I did a little HYPO using your site and if I want to drop my electic bill by only 175 bucks its gonna cost 50K !!??? After gov't rebate etc.
    I hope I was using your site wrong.....I hope I just couldn't find your efficiency ratings...and I hope your panels have the inverters on them already......

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    • You do realize that this message board is not sponsored by SPWRA and that SPWRA A employees are not allowed to post on stock message boards ? LOL - What a dork. Send an email to the company.

      • 1 Reply to dimondboy
      • LOL! So you mean hanging a companys rear end out like this on a finace board goes no where!???? LOL!!!

        Public humiliation verses a private tel. conversation usually, despite your all knowing wisdon, gets results! LOL!!! Done it before with some very big companys and you know what sport...the risk managers and investor finace folks at corporation LOOK to defuse situations before they even get legs! LOL!
        Will they respond to this message? Doubtful...will they fix their site so people who want to know more can get it without calling? Hopefully.
        I hesitate to list the number of BIG companys that some online message board has prompted into action so, I won't.
        Clearly you are a shareholder or an investor, or an employee!
        I'm looking to maybe both buy product and invest in this company but if I can't find BASIC information like EFFICIENCY ratings on THEIR CORP> SITE.....then I don't think I'll do either and I'm not going to call so I can talk to a sales dept employee! LOL!!!
        Take a hike! LOL!!!!!!!!
        I guess online communications is only intercepted by the Board police like you! ?? LOL!

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